I was first diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2009.  My lifelong goal is to continue what I enjoy best; living a healthy, active lifestyle. Clinically, from a medical perspective my prognosis is great, yet I continued to struggle with chronic pain. My symptoms of fatigue and numbness have improved significantly since seeking treatment from Elie last Summer. I’ve incorporated dietary changes by following the Paleo diet, Chinese medicine, and weekly acupuncture. Diet & herbal supplements are energy driven, while acupuncture has gradually decreased chronic pain. Most of my symptoms have completely resolved. I feel more and more energized on a daily basis, which is also very important for my job as a RN. It is quite an accomplishment, a struggle I thought I was just going to have to cope with.  I want to thank Elie for helping me find a pathway that continues to be successful. Very inspiring and such a positive outlook for my future!