Pediatric Acupuncture & Wellness

Pediatric Acupuncture & Wellness

By Corinne LeBlanc, La.C.
Mommy, I want to come see Corinne for acupuncture every day. -Sia, 4 year old

Acupuncture for kids actually has quite a rich history. During first century China, the Nei Jing, an ancient medical text, described using a form of massage called Tui Na on children. I use this same form in our clinic today.

Much later during the Ming dynasty in China, renowned pediatricians discussed preventative health measures for children. They pointed to the benefit of fresh air and sunlight and discouraged the use of too much medication.* These recommendations are relevant today in our modern world of sedentary and highly-medicated little ones.

My favorite part about working with children is the playfulness they bring to the clinic. It’s so fun to show children the different tools I use and watch each child’s response. Their response can help me decide which modality may be best for them. Sometimes the best approach is massage or acupressure. Other times, I use shonishin, a non-invasive form of pediatric acupuncture from Japan. Or, I may use very small acupuncture needles.  I always give dietary, herbal, and lifestyle suggestions for each child. Every child is on their own journey, and I find joy in meeting them in their comfort zone.

Treatments may be done lying on the massage table, down on the floor, upright in a chair, or sitting cozy in Mom or Dad’s lap.

From infants to teenagers, I treat the following pediatric health concerns:




Autistic behaviors

Chronic ear infections

Colic in babies

Digestive disorders


I look forward to helping your child thrive!


*Loo, May. Pediatric Acupuncture. Edinburgh: Churchill Livingstone, 2002.